Magic of Bleed Proof White


Thursday, April 11th at 7:00 pm
Attendee pricing is $20, all others pay a $10 facility fee (total $30).
Learn to use Bleed Proof White to make clouds, enhance water, create snow, stars and more!
Most of this class is Freehand art. You will be provided with pre-printed card faces to work on, allowing you to spend all of your time mastering the bleed proof white. You will get some practice cards, and then you will make 3 cards final ones, although only one is shown.

STUDENTS MUST BRING a bottle of water and a splatter brush (we recommend the Tim Holtz splatter brush). Some people use old tooth brushes, and this is acceptable, but the splatter brush is better. You will need adhesive to assemble your final creations!


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