Intro to Stipple Brush Coloring and Blending


Thursday, April 11th, 9:00 am
$20 for attendees, $30 for non-attendees
This class focuses on the use of stipple brushes to blend and color. The photo shows basic cards (we like to use sentiments or verses on the front) as well as a scene. Your project(s) may differ from these. You will be working on coated cardstock, and you will be learning to create graduated, blended color using stipple brushes. Participants must bring their own stipple brushes (sizes 4 and 6), and if you do not own your own, we recommend purchasing from us, or at least consulting with us prior to purchase. We have had many people over the years purchase items that were totally incompatible with this technique, and we don’t want you to waste your money! You will also need a black dye ink pad, scissors and your own adhesive. If you have a specific color palette you like, then bring your own dye (water based) inks as well. Otherwise you will share ours. You will make 3 finished cards, similar to what is shown.


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